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28 ways to make a difference… over the holidays and beyond

28 ways to make a difference… over the holidays and beyond

Tis’ the season to be merry, tra la la la la… la la la la
Happy time with your family, tra la la la la… la la la la
Tis’ the season to be nice, tra la la la… tra la la la… tra la la la

Sticking to the actual and accurate lyrics has never been my practice… So much more fun to make up your own.
I won’t make it to the Voice anytime soon so I’ll just stick with this kind of writing at this stage.

Indeed, it is the time of the year where you are particularly expected to be nice and generous – give your time, give your money, give your love, give, give. give…

Well, for this post, I decided to take the time to prepare a special list for you as a great preparation for the holiday season by thinking of ways to make a difference.
Really, it is a busy time of the year and yet the time when people seem the ‘nicest’ and the ‘jolliest’ once done with the Christmas shopping.

A few that came to my mind and could in fact be done any time of the year. Truth to be known, I was aiming for 150 ways to make a difference in celebration of Canada 150. Hmmm…

28 is a great start! Feel free to add on to the list.

So let’s see what we got here…

1. Smile at people whether you know them or not – without staring
2. Invite a friend to go for ice cream or else if you are lactose intolerant
3. Volunteer at a specific event or an organization in your community
4. Reconnect with someone you haven’t talked to in ages
5. Bring a treat to your colleagues you know they would enjoy
6. Tell a friend who is going through a rough time you are there to help
7. Adopt a child who needs a family or become a foster parent – start the process
8. Go visit a senior you know could use the company
9. Send flowers or a card to a loved one, just because
10. Drop off cookies or a meal to a friend who is expecting or just gave birth
11. Buy a ticket for a fundraiser event to support the cause
12. Hold the door for a person
13. Give a compliment to someone you care about
14. Plant a seed to grow a life
15. Adopt a pet from the Humane Society
16. Take care of a friend’s children to allow them to get out on their own
17. Buy local or fair trade
18. Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore or things you don’t use to people in need
19. Don’t litter
20. Be a good and active listener
21. Donate blood if you are able or register to become an organ donor
22. For one week, pick a person a day and share what you appreciate the most about them
23. Stand up and speak up for a cause you believe in
24. Become a tutor, a coach or a mentor to share your knowledge
25. Keep your first aid certification up to date
26. Play, dance, spend time with a child in your life
27. Take care of yourself to be a healthy and happy giver
28. Spend the holidays somewhere else

About this last one. It is to share or discover traditions around the celebrations at this time of the year.
Three differences come to my mind when comparing Christmas in France and Canada.

1. Number of parties to celebrate Christmas
I was always amazed how here in Canada the Christmas celebration is not just a family thing. You get to attend so many Christmas parties (work, social groups, community, school) before sitting down with your relatives.
The Christmas I know from France is the one at your home where family and close friends gather to build fond memories. Then you go on to visit your neighbours whether they celebrate Christmas or not.

2. The main meal
Growing up our main meal to celebrate Christmas was a royal spread of seafood including Coquilles Saint-Jacques (my mom’s favourites) and a roast leg of lamb with several vegetable plates.
For dessert, lots of pies in Canada. In France, we always did the bûche de Noël (Yule log).
One big thing in common… we would have a full belly after all that.

3. The lights
In Canada, most of the lights are outside. Growing up in France, it was more an indoor thing for the decoration. Funny things I got thinking about as we approach the holiday season.
We did a lot of real candles and watched them burn in the dark. We didn’t have a fireplace.
Lights in or out – they were sure sparkling in the night.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

May you enjoy this time of the year with loved ones and create some lasting memories.
Get a load of LOL time!

If you are not too busy… Please share your favourite memory of the holiday season.

Au revoir for now.


One Comment to “28 ways to make a difference… over the holidays and beyond”

  1. Darlene qui parle français says:

    My favorite time this holiday season was having my two little grandchildren for a two night sleepover. They are both 2 years old (only 4 months apart) and I enjoyed hearing them laugh and do something over and over again because they thought it was funny. I was always thinking … When will they be tired of doing the same thing over and over again? When it was time to leave one of them said “No , not going to see maman et papa.” Precious memories of them playing with a balloon and hitting it with a fly swatter, laughing and giggling as they were splashing around in the bathtub, running from one room to the other and chasing each other and laughing and screaming all the time, seeing them hug each other and holding hands… what a treat to be a grandmother and being able to live these precious moments!

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