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About the blog

About the blog

Wondering what Mama Good Wolf is all about? Let’s dive in…

1. Who is it for?

Mama Good Wolf is for independent minds who like to collect thoughts to feel inspired, discover different ways to look at things, to grow personally and have a good laugh here and there.
This is for those who are putting other people’s interests first by nature or sense of responsibility, and are looking for a way to fill back their own tank.

2. What’s up with this blog anyway?

Well, we all have a primary source of inspiration, that regular go-to place where we would typically think of first to get a dose of serenity. Reading this blog is allowing Mama Good Wolf to become an additional one – a cottage for your mind to recharge, relax and rest… 

Mama Good Wolf is not a personal diary. In fact, it is a thought-driven blog based on my life experiences. I created this blog to trigger self-reflection as a driving force for self-improvement.

You still have your main spot for peace and quiet, just use Mama Good Wolf for getaways, as a recreational place you can enjoy any season. Sometimes, you just need a change of scenery or want to expand your perspectives… Pay a visit as often as you wish.

What you will get too is unsollicited advice from a super achiever black French parisian (+ Canadian) mama with an aquiline mind sitting on the chair at the end of the table (literally).

All in the name of self-improvement where you define the milestones along your personal development path.

But hey! It is your free-time place, you come and go as you please. Mama has no rules on that!

3. Why join the blogosphere?

This is first and foremost a creative outlet for me, a way to improve my writing with the freedom to pick the topics.
I can think off limits, share perspectives without having to follow any templates.
Last but not least, thanks to Mama Good Wolf, I make a habit of noticing and appreciating life’s little things.

I have a Master’s degree in Marketing Research and Strategy. Do you think I did all kind of market studies to determine the age demographics of the ideal target audience for this blog? Nope!

Just decided to dive right in when a friend said to me: “who cares if only 10 people read your blog!”
Indeed. So if you are one of those 10 people – WELCOME!

Know that I strive to better myself with each post and I trust that you will learn some things with the IDG factor (Inspiration – Discovery – Growth).

In the meantime, enjoy the buffet of food for thoughts served 24/7 on!

4. Why the name Mama Good Wolf?

It has been quite a process to pick the domain name for my blog and I provide more details in my first post entitled Starting a blog is like a first kiss.

We were driving home from an outing my family and I, when the name popped up. It all started with a list I came up with and was filtering through my husband. Some worked for him, however, they were already taken.
One of my husband’s pass time is listening to the Strombo show on the radio and if you are too, you would know that George Stroumboulopoulos always says “Feed the good wolf” at the end of his show just before getting off air.

So feed the good wolf versus the bad wolf, based on a Cherokee story.
The good wolf representing the positive side of human nature through joy, love, hope, humility, kindness, truth, compassion, etc.
The bad wolf, as you would guess, representing the negative side with anger, greed, arrogance, resentment, lies, ego, etc.

And the one you feed is the one you allow to win.

So I tried different variations of names including good wolf with our little treasures chatting in the background. We went on until I shared one with my husband that inspired his magic suggestion.
That’s when Mama Good Wolf came out of his mouth!

We both knew then it was the one. And hence the wolf in the logo.

5. When to expect news from Mama Good Wolf?

You can expect a biweekly post just in time for the weekend.
Any wacky thought that comes to my mind, I will publish as special posts in between under the “Wacky Sunday Thoughts” category where I will talk about stuff I find funny or amusing in a slightly odd or peculiar way.

Careful though, this is not just a one-sided communication approach…
Me + You = Connection!

I am planning a monthly newsletter too that will involve your input.

So here are three good reasons why you should get in touch:
– I would love to hear about your first impression of Mama Good Wolf
– If you have a specific question or subject that intrigue you and want to explore
– If you wish to share what you would like to see in a newsletter

Best way to do so at this time, email me at Hola Mama!

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