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I believe I can fly… the story behind the potential

I believe I can fly… the story behind the potential

Or I wish I could… Like most people I get to see birds everyday looking through the window or when I am out driving for instance. They fly high, low or take off right in front of my vehicle… go figure.
And a few songs come to my mind when I think of birds, particularly – Snowbird from Anne Murray and Three little birds from Bob Marley. The part about flying, well, it’s R. Kelly’s song.

I am lucky enough to have my favourite bird flying above my head on a regular basis – the eagle with its ability to fly so high and access a bigger picture of Mother Earth.

As a human being, I was not gifted with that type of wings to allow me to fly at those heights. However, I was always reminded that I had the potential to do so… not literally, more about what I was capable of doing for any given task or challenge.

Potential. A possibility of being something that doesn’t exist yet and won’t become real unless things happen or you act on it.
It’s funny how a word can be encouraging and daunting at the same time. Potential.

The way I see it, I envision a start line. You get in the starting blocks with no assurance of the end result. Whatever efforts you put in the preparation, you just don’t know how you are going to perform until you actually do it and cross the finish line.

That is the big difference here.

Let’s use an example outside of sports, say public speaking. If someone tells you that you have the potential to be a great presenter versus you are a great presenter… How would you feel?
Really depends on how much confidence you have in your potential and awareness of your abilities based on your experience.

I believe I can fly like an eagle… That’s wacky!
So I can say “I believe I can fly” all I want, it won’t make it happen the way I want it (with my own wings) because it is not realistic. However, who is to say that I have to do it all on my own or in one way? 
I can easily fly in a plane or other equipments and fulfill that belief or that thrill I am looking for.

What I am getting at is that the belief is a start, an initial step for us to identify what we are excited about and how far we want to take it.

Careful though to stay away from, what I call, the line of trouble. The one that will hold you down instead of letting you soar. The one that will make you doubt your potential and force you to give up in the early stages.

That’s when the word confidence becomes so overrated.
Be confident this, be confident that… Fake it until you make it…

I don’t agree.

Faking it implies you will interfere with the development of your personal abilities and jeopardize your efforts because you are inexperienced and try to pass for someone who has plenty.
If you miss a step, you won’t necessarily realize it because you are too busy pretending you know your stuff.

And guess what? If you don’t know enough, well you can make a fool of yourself or miss out on valuable feedback along the way. Most importantly, you are not being honest with yourself.

Faking is not part of my recipe for true and sustainable success, instead, I would rather talk about practice until you make it being aware of and admitting your own inexperience for your personal blooming.
No need to wear a t-shirt or writing it on your forehead though… Just do your thing without cheating yourself and people around you who could contribute to your growth.

Leave the faking part to actors, that’s what they are paid for.

Whatever that belief of yours, it is worth exploring. You just never know, what you will discover about yourself and others. After all, the learning process has to start somewhere…

What about you… Is there something you wish you could do or be? Please share.

Au revoir for now.

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