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Starting a blog is like a first kiss

Starting a blog is like a first kiss

Like the proverb says : “There is a first time for everything.”


What was your most memorable first time?

It is a strange feeling when you want to do something and don’t know how or where to start. You may hear about other people’s experiences and usually their general feelings on the end results. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to break it down like they do in sport replays to see what exactly happened in details?

It’s funny how things seem much easier when someone else does it or recall the experience. I don’t know about you but I tend to think that everyone’s first time is unique and special depending on the context and circumstances.

My most memorable first time is certainly not my first kiss or should I clarify the one I remember as being the first. Apparently, I had my first one when I was three… no recollection of that one – sorry to whoever that was.
Anyway, the first one was planned for me and I had the moral support of my girlfriends. I needed to feel somewhat prepared or at least know what I was getting into, which brings me to the importance of the sources.

If someone ever tells you that a first kiss is like the one between Vada and Thomas J. shared in the movie “My girl”… Think again!
No fireworks, no feeling like I am flotting on a cloud, no magic… instead picture a frog catching a fly. I was the fly!
So let’s just put this one in the experiment category. Like I said everyone’s first time is unique.

So when I decided to start a blog, I did my homework and checked with close ones about my project. I had to roll up my sleeves and get to it, nobody else was going to do or plan it for me. I read all kind of pages explaining how to start a blog and run it – quite overwhelming at the beginning.

Some of them make it sound so easy, like you can get it up in a day or better in less than an hour. Yeah right!
In my newbie case, the process took place in several phases because I just could not do it in one sitting. Preparation, preparation, hesitation and then action!

There are a lot of steps before you can publish your first post. You would not send out invitations for a housewarming party for a home you did not buy or build, would you?

You need to buy a property or a land going through lawyers, real-estate agents, contractors as well as getting permits from officials to name a few. And as long as you pay your mortgage and property taxes, you can own it. If you want to start and own a blog – same same.

1. Domain name
First, I had to pick a domain name and let me tell you that it is no easy task. It reminded me of the process when picking a first child’s name, you go through a long list, say them out loud and see which ones sound good. You rack your brain to imagine all possibilities that you like, would fit your project and easy to remember.

You reach a top three and think you got it until you share them with a loved one who asks you what they are supposed to mean. There is a tip to review your picks.

I have to say I really enjoyed that phase because it was a concrete step to start the blog, it made it more real. It also created another fun discussion topic with my husband who has been very helpful in this process.

2. Domain registration
One step forward, two steps back though… you settle on a name you want to register and you realize it is already taken. Back to the drawing board, until you enter a name and you get the green light.

Then come the fun part of choosing the company to register your domain. I did my homework and picked the one that made more sense for the project I was creating for the longer term.

You can’t dilly-dally too long in case somebody does it before you and if it happens, you lose it. I got!

(Three months later – does not have to be that long for you)

During that time, I was working on the content to explain what the blog is about, who is the mind behind it. I prepared a list of potential subjects to cover, decided on the frequency of the posts, etc.

3. Host pick
Getting the domain name was just the beginning of this new venture. Still had to follow more steps before publishing my first post. So many reviews out there and lots of pages with comparisons, however most of it was like jibberish to me.

Asked a friend of a friend with the expertise and finally settled on a host. At some point, you just got to jump and do it.

I chose to go through a host and pay the fees to have control and own the content of my blog. I finally had a home base for

4. Blogging platform
I picked a platform that had experience and more important was accessible via the host through one-click installation app (plus a few more clicks for the settings).

Nice to have tools available to allow you to do what you want to do in the first place, writing in my case. I don’t wish to spend time paddling through codes to set-up a webpage. No thanks. However, as you do it, you get to learn a lot.

I also used the three months, between step 2 and 3, to work on a logo for Mama Good Wolf. Fun, fun, fun for creativity.

5. Actual set-up
Well let me say that picking a theme for my blog was the most painful part for me. First impressions count and not that easy to visualize the end product. You do those live previews and try this, try that. Still hard to settle on one in particular.

At some point, well, I just told myself to get started with one I was comfortable with and go from there. Nothing would prevent me from changing or tweaking it along the way. I like to have my choices.

And I will tell you to pick service providers with their main strengths being their customer service. I felt like a first grader while setting-up that blog and I did not care.
Setting my pride aside, I just asked questions and seeked help to get my blog going – thank goodness for these tech people with their skills and their patience.

6. The writing part
Putting on paper a list of potential subjects gave me a direction on the topics I was interested in covering. A nice variety granting me the freedom to talk about matters using my own voice.

I did a lot of writing throughout my life, mostly for other people in the forms of speeches, reports, press releases, letters, project or service analysis, website content, briefing notes, newspaper column, policy guidelines, memos, project proposals, strategic plans, and the list goes on.

This time around, I am able to offer various perspectives of life and hopefully inspire your mind with my posts.

This is how I got here. This is how Mama Good Wolf became a reality and I became a person with a blog. Took all the romantism out of this first kiss with the blogosphere.
This is just the way things work out in most cases, you need to put in time and energy to see them through.

I love building things from scratch, gives me a great sense of accomplishment. This project is very special to me and being able to get it started is even more special.

A first kiss is the start of a new relationship, so is a blog… You join an ever-growing online community. As I get to this point, I realize I just kissed part of my private writing goodbye…

Bonjour World!

Care to share your first impression of Mama Good Wolf?
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  1. Janet says:

    Love your blog IDG!! Especially love how you came up with your name – brilliant!!

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