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About the person

About the person


Wondering about the mind behind Mama Good Wolf? Let’s start…

Once upon a time, Oprah had a little sister named Isabelle Dasylva-Gill… just joking! Hubbie wanted to have his time of fame on this page when he made that suggestion. There.

Joke aside, here are three key things to know about me:

– don’t drink (never did)
– don’t smoke (tried out, did not pique my curiosity for long)
– don’t swear (as a habit but I may use some nuances at times as props in my writing)

Let’s continue… IDG in a nutshell:

– Community (and population growth) contributor
– Public speaking crafter
– Communication and Marketing maven
– Trained Facilitator
– Body language aficionado
– Youth Leading light
– DIY Shutterbug
– Aspiring Life coach
– Author in the making

While we’re at it, here are a few unexpected facts about me:

– 2 tattoos (don’t expect any pics)
– Motorcycle mama (own my third bike and favorite yet)
– Speak 5 languages (technically 4,5)
– Mother of three little treasures (girl – boy – girl)
– PHnD… (Papa had no dough!)

What perspective can you expect? You will get IDG’s view as

(non-exhaustive list)
– daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, woman
– student, learner, employee, colleague, volunteer, neighbour, community member, home and pet owner
– immigrant, French citizen with African roots, Canadian citizen
– motorcycle mama, former track and field athlete, dancer, friend and now blogger HA!

Now that you know more about the person with the blog Mama Good Wolf, don’t be a stranger!

If you feel like sharing your first impression of Mama Good Wolf, talk to Mama… email me at Hola Mama!

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