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Why I am not on Facebook yet…

Why I am not on Facebook yet…

“LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for the people you want to know.” – Anonymous


How big of a community am I not part of?
I needed stats for this post so I went straight to the source and checked the company info. Apparently, Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and nearly 1,5 billion daily active users AND I am not one of them…

So what exactly am I missing out as a non-Facebook-er?
In some people’s book (Facebook addicted), I am missing out on everything and I live a reclusive life if I am not on Facebook… Is that right?

I have been called names before and social media hermit is not one of them. Anybody who knows me, would not use the word “recluse” to describe me. Au contraire.
I would use Facebook and other social media for work, professional reasons or for special projects.

I’ll tell you what I am missing out…

  • Lots of ‘I don’t need to know that’ details about some people’s life
  • People creeping on me just because they’re nosy and won’t ask me
  • A chance to have my account hacked and have someone pretend being me or get malwares and viruses
  • Being bombarded with posts and shares I don’t necessarily care about
  • An opportunity to post photo-shopped pictures of me
  • An illusion to be popular based on the number of friends or likes I would have
  • A reason to be always online
  • Having the privacy issues cloud hanging over my head at all time
  • … Should I continue?

Now, in all fairness, there are a few advantages to being on Facebook like knowing what is happening in your family and friends’ life with a few clicks – like a news-feed you can check at your convenience. You can also be aware of events going on you may want to attend. You can laugh with some jokes being circulated. You can be inspired by some stories or quotes shared, etc.

However, to this day the advantages of Facebook do not outweigh the disadvantages for me personally.
I am a private person yes and would rather do my personal business updates offline and mostly face-to-face.
The overuse and even abuse of Facebook by some people turned me off.

I know how it works though, at least the main functions… enough to be honoured with the title of tech support for my husband. He is getting better at it, now it is just on a sporadic basis.

So, if like me you are not ready for the Facebook swirl, I have a ‘stay connected’ strategy you might want to consider so you don’t miss out on interested stuff.
The main pillar of this strategy is… Having a dedicated Facebook team!

1. Social event Assistant (you know who you are)

The one in your circle of friends who remembers to include you and sends you info on events you are into.

2. Content screening Assistant (you also know who you are)

The one who knows the kind of stuff you like to read and shares them with you. That way, saves you from going through content that belongs to the junk folder. Talking about efficiency.

3. ‘Way back when’ Assistants (collaborative effort)

The ones who dig out those funny pics to make you laugh during the Throwback Thursdays. Or remind you of what was going on way back when…

So if you are still wondering why I am not on Facebook yet, the answer is: “Me No Like it!”

Bottom line is that I may not be on Facebook today but I am on email or text and it meets my needs at this time of my life.

Anyone out there who feels the same about Facebook? Social media? Share and express why.

Au revoir for now.

2 Comments to “Why I am not on Facebook yet…”

  1. Angie says:

    I love Facebook AND I am addicted. Why do I use it?

    Recipes and food groups and groupies
    Health and wellness support
    Social events info – in which I rarely participate, except in my mind 😢
    Keeping up with far away family and friends whom I miss terribly
    Shopping ideas -sometimes it’s great, other times, not so much. I am not a gambler, but a compulsive buyer and Facebook feeds right into that. They don’t call me « gadget girl » for nothing, says the woman with three rolling pins, three multi-tool pocketknives/keychains and three purde organizers. I (am doubting my own sanity)feeling shame as I write this
    There is something about theee if everything. I’m so sick 🤮

    1. IDG says:

      Hi Angie,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with Facebook.
      Don’t feel sick – it is a reality and I am sure a lot of people out there would feel the same.

      Mama Good Wolf

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